Youth Forum 2023

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rapper / producer

Music is important to me as it's always been a habit for me to let out my creative space and speak about my thoughts and life.

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Chloe Clayton

Musician / Pianist

When I was growing up, playing the piano was a way for me to both express and comfort myself. Music is important to me as I want to be able to pass on this skill to other people, and share the positive impact it can have mentally.

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Connor Williams

Promoter & artist

Music to me means community. It’s so lovely to see so many people coming together from different backgrounds and beliefs and truly supporting one another. Music is my life blood.

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Elin Angharad

Musician / bassist

Music is my most powerful shelter; it has carried me through the darkest days and empowered me to enjoy the best experiences. A universal safe space, it affirms and assures no limit.

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Music to me is like a part of your soul, I truly believe it shows the true colours of someone, it connects to our core emotions like nothing else; if that in the way of making smile,sing,cry, dance, the way certain sonics can take you back in time to a moment or memory, it's truly magical like.

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I am truly passionate about music and how it allows people to express themselves and connect with a diversity of others.



singer-songwriter / rap artist

Songs to me are like a light cardigan, there’s one for every occasion. Whatever emotion I feel there will be a part of music to lift my mood!

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Morgan Thomas

guitarist / singer-songwriter

Music is a way for me to express my feelings and emotions in a ways I otherwise wouldn’t be able to express, it gives me total freedom to be myself.

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Osian Cai Evans


To me music is about making connections, meeting new amazing people. At the end of the day, it's someone's identity and I feel like you can learn a lot about people just by what kind of music they listen to. It's what brings people together.

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Music gave me an identity, it made me more than just “the disabled girl."

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Rhys Nutting


Music has always been something that has driven me forward and given me a such a simple way to express myself without words from a young age. As soon as I put my headphones on, it makes me feel invisible to the rest of the world and lets me paint a picture on a silent canvas.power to bring people together. It brings me immense happiness to see how music impacts our communities in such a positive way.

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Music is how I express myself without fear of being vulnerable or strong and how I attempt to make sense of the world.

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rnb soul artist / experiemental

Everything in this life sort of follows some kind of rhythm, even the doctors check the bpm of our hearts when doing observations music is a massive part of not only mine but every living life on earth and i'm not just talking about human beings but mother nature itself.

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singer-songwriter / artist

Music is important to me as it’s shaped me not only into who I am, but it’s helped guide me on my path. I escape through melodies and instruments, and no words can describe the passion I feel for it! It’s truly healing.

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Tesni Hughes

Musician and singer-songwriter

Music means everything to me, its my way of escaping from reality and music is a constant reminder to me that everything is gonna be ok!