Amplify Podcast

“It makes being here not feel like just existing, it makes being here feel like you’re living.” 

Music is vital and powerful for young people. Every young person deserves the opportunity to engage and explore what music can do for them. 

Amplify is a platform for passionate individuals to discuss in-depth questions and raise important topics surrounding youth music across Wales. Hosted by Swansea-based musician and pianist Ify Iwobi and members of Wales Music Youth Forum. Amplify will explore the value of music for young people, and meet the musicians and organisations who devote their time to improving young people’s lives through music in Wales.

Amplify podcasts are available on the following platforms:

Episode 1 – What age should we start enjoying music? 

Ify Iwobi talks to composer Helen Woods, Emma Coulthard from Cardiff County and Vale of Glamorgan Music Service and Lucy Clement-Evans from Codi’r To in North Wales about early years music projects in Wales and why it’s so important for children to have music in their life from the very beginning.

Episode 2 – Why is music so important to young people’s mental health?

Ify Iwobi talks to musician Kizzy Crawford, and Hannah Morgan from Heads Above the Waves. Tim Rhys-Evans talks to Ella, Katherine, Kyle and Tori from Wales Music Youth Forum.