What We Do

Anthem is here to support young people in Wales to make, learn and celebrate music, and to experience the life-changing benefits that brings.

We support them, and those who work with them through funding, partnerships and initiatives.

Here’s what we are up to at the moment.

Anthem youth forum

Anthem believes in giving young people in Wales a voice and a say in what journeys through music for young people in Wales look like. One of the ways we are doing this is through our Youth Forum. Find out more about the Anthem Youth Forum right here.


A key part of Anthem’s work is to lobby for and lead research into the impact of music for young people in Wales. In 2020, we started this work by commissioning a mapping report and youth consultation.

Apply for funding

Anthem offers funding to support organisations to run music making projects or create music career progression opportunities in Wales.

Amplify Podcast

Music is vital and powerful for young people. Every young person deserves the opportunity to engage and explore what music can do for them. 

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