About Anthem

Our vision and mission

Anthem’s vision is a Wales in which music can empower every young life.
We believe music is a potent creative force for young people that feeds self-expression, personal development and wellbeing. Anthem will enable access to music, generate opportunities across genres and communities, and nurture diverse talent to take the next steps to musical careers. Anthem is a catalyst for youth music in Wales, funding work that will create change, making connections to widen partnership working, and enabling best practice to flourish.

Our story

Anthem. Cronfa Gerdd Cymru Music Fund Wales was established in 2018 following a Welsh Government report exploring ways to support young people’s music making and learning in Wales. 

Over the last few years the Anthem family has been growing, bringing together an amazing group of people and organisations who all share a passion for young people and their music in Wales. Together we are working towards our vision of a Wales in which music can empower every young life.

The Anthem family includes everyone: members of our Youth Forum working to build Anthem’s brand and programmes, Anthem’s trustees and members who inform our thinking, the organisations we partner with, and the Trust and Foundations, donors, sponsors and the growing Family Chorus who all support us and continue to develop our work. 

Our impact

Find out more about the impact that Anthem is making and how we are supporting organisations and young people in Wales here. 

Our policies

Anthem is committed to good governance and has a full range of policies in place to support our work. If you would like to see copies of any of our policies, please contact our CEO at