Anthem has been established to support the Welsh Government’s long-term ambition to deliver a National Music Endowment for Wales.

The proposal subsequently received all-party support by the National Assembly for Wales. As a result, the Welsh Government and the Arts Council of Wales are working jointly to deliver on this ambition.


Ms Kirsty Williams AM and Mr Ken Skates AM each identified £500,000 within their respective budgets in 2017/18 for the Endowment. Up to £250,000 of this will go towards set-up costs, with the balance acting as seed-funding to help capitalise the fund. Setting up the Endowment was formally announced by Ms Williams in plenary in February 2017 and was launched as an entity at the Motorpoint arena in February 2018.

Current Position

Once Anthem has established its board and a set of Music Ambassadors, the process of capitalising the fund will begin. It is unlikely that any funding will be available from this scheme until at least 2020/21.

Aim of the Fund

  • To make musical opportunities more accessible to all young people aged 3-25

  • To develop musical opportunity in all genres and in all communities

  • To identify and nurture talent and ability

  • To support career pathways in music and the music industry

These objectives also dovetail with the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act, supporting the objectives that are based upon the notions of sustaining a vibrant culture, an equal, healthier, more resilient and prosperous Wales.

Anthem is:

  • an entirely new legal entity

  • an opportunity for individuals to be responsible for shaping and delivering the endowment long term

  • a long term approach to fundraising

  • a permanent entity in Wales

  • an opportunity to engage with a diverse range of young people and musical genres across Wales

  • an opportunity to raise aspirations of our young people in Wales

  • a place for new initiatives / pilots / ideas

  • driven by the cultural agenda taking into account the social, health, education, equalities and economic agendas in 21st century Wales

Anthem is not:

  • a replacement for music education services across wales

  • only for the most talented elite (but strands within it may be)

  • only for the underrepresented or deprived (but strands within it may be)

  • just for Cardiff or the larger regional cities

  • going to be static – it must move with the changing times and be fleet of foot as new opportunities are presented