Youth Forum 2022


Addison Gordon-Evans

Live Audio Engineer, Musician, Student at Bimm Institute Bristol

I am passionate about music because it has no rules or restrictions, it’s a personal form of expression and a language for when you have no words.


Aisha Kigs


Music is both therapeutic and a journal that enables me to share my stories to audiences. Bonding with each other over the shared experiences of life. Music is euphoric and it's an element that allows me to understand and express my present emotions, feelings, and thoughts.


Bailey Love


Looking at this pic, it isn't hard to see how I feel about music. There's not much else that can make you pull a face like that.


Charlie J

Hip-Hop Artist

Music for me is a means of expression within myself but also a way of connection with people who can relate to the same emotions and expressions that the music portrays.


Connor Morgans

Radio Professional & Presenter

Music has been my lifeblood for as long as I can remember and I'm constantly seeking out new sounds and music makers. I want to champion new Welsh artists on my radio shows and playlists and be at the forefront of new songs. Ultimately, I want to be engrossed and surrounded by an industry that excites me and I'm so fortunate to contribute to it and the music scene here in Wales.


Dafydd Hedd

Welsh Indie Musician

Music is an incredibly powerful vehicle for social change and plays a huge part in our favourite memories.


Drew Hughs


Music is important to me as it is the place I can go to whatever the situation, and find a brief bit of escapism, advice, or comfort.




Music is important to me because it really allows me to express myself and makes me feel good about myself.


HIDDN / Tyler Jones


With my music and my career I want to leave a trail of inspiration for the youth to believe anything is possible.


Liam J Edwards

Classical & Popular Singer Songwriter

Music is the only way I can truly express myself. It has been my longest friend and confidente and is extremely important to me, in my professional and personal life. My biggest aspiration for my music is to be heard, to inspire and for the message to be important to the listener.


Mari Mathias

Singer-Songwriter & Producer

Music has had a huge impact on me and my journey as an artist & as an individual. It allows me to express my inner thoughts, freedom of expression and also has the power to bring people together. It brings me immense happiness to see how music impacts our communities in such a positive way.


Mitchell Williams

Content Producer

Music acts as a framework for expression and connection for me.


Niamh O'Donnell


I've been surrounded by music my whole life and it has played an integral part in creating who I am as a person. It is a tool to express emotion, spark creativity, bring joy to others and it can bring a whole community together.


Holy Hell / Sam Rees

Multi-instrumentalist Musician and Songwriter

Since the beginning of time people have been making music in one form or another, almost as if it comes naturally to us. This unfettered form of expression, to me, is the makeup of what makes us truly human. I've heard music in my head my entire life, songs and tunes that I'm desperate to get out.

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Morgan Thomas

Musician and singer-songwriter

Music is a way for me to express my feelings and emotions in a ways I otherwise wouldn’t be able to express, it gives me total freedom to be myself. 




Music for me is a concept of passion and experimentation. There's no right or wrong way to do it.



Urban neo soul jazz funk artist

Music is an integral part of my being and my soul woven into the fabric of what I am. Music is life, music is soul, music is sustenance, music is expression.

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Ellin Angharad

Noise maker

Music is my most powerful shelter; it has carried me through the darkest days and empowered me to enjoy the best experiences. A universal safe space, it affirms and assures no limit.