We created this video to showcase our Youth Forum members and the beautiful track that accompanies it is called ‘Closure’ by LowKiy and Youth Forum member, Blank Face.

It’s apt that it talks of Closure as sadly, our current Youth Forum project has come to an end. We’re still very much in touch with members and they’re helping us with small pieces of work while we work hard to find funding for the next phase of the project. They’ve also been working on Summit – the music industry conference by young people for young people (more on that soon …).

Here’s a little insider info from Blank Face and LowKiy about the track:

The concept for “Closure” came about from the common frustrations directed at unfortunate events during 2020 and if we were going to recover from the backlash, we needed to find some closure and move on with the new year!

The track speaks of tales of betrayal from lifelong brothers and family all stemmed from the pursuit of greed and money. This led to the catchy hook performed by both artists, stating “Peace, Risk, never too hard for the P’s (money). I’ve seen, some things, my brothers are losing their peace.” This suggests that money is the root of our friends losing their peace, and also suggests that peace and risk are synonymous in nature. Especially in a scenario where the peace of mind of having money being stacked against the risk of getting this money could cause a result of losing your peace. To mitigate this, we just never work too hard for the money but rather work hard on our sound which will, in turn, get us the money.

The story and the lyrics get much deeper throughout both Kiy and Blank’s verses but will not be disclosed due to personal reasons as it isn’t about the story itself, but about the concept that led to the story. Despite how easy these lyrics are to decode, the concept of closure is believed to be able to resonate with the audience and encourage them to seek their own closure and move on to bigger and better life experiences regardless of the situation life puts us in.

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