Anthem Summit

How to convey true meaning in your music – James and Andrew’s ‘Summit’ event 9/10/11 April

The relationship between music and politics has existed for centuries, sometimes harmoniously, and other times not as much. Music can express anti-establishment or protest themes and is rooted in conflict and harmony.

How do you strike the balance between art and conveying your message effectively? Get your message across and deal with the feelings it awakes within people? Make sure that passion isn’t compromised? 

Youth Forum members James Predergast, an artist/manager within the Wales music agency BLOCS, actively involved in the MOBO scene as well as recently in promoting Benji Wild’s latest single, and Andrew Ogun, musician, writer, creative director, designer and activist, will take part in a panel alongside Mace the Great, one of the UK’s hottest grime artists hosted by Carmarthen based Sizwé.